New information security solutions of the week: March 31, 2022


NICE Actimize has launched a SaaS risk assessment solution, X-Sight Entity Risk, which allows financial institutions to better understand their customers throughout the organization. X-Sight Entity Risk is developed on the basis of artificial intelligence, machine learning, entity permissions and network analytics and increases the effectiveness of advanced applications to combat money laundering and prevent corporate fraud.

Entity Risk increases the effectiveness of comprehensive corporate anti-fraud solutions, while expanding the capabilities of AML focused on organizations. In addition, thanks to the cloud, the X-Sight Entity Risk solution provides the ability to perform analytics exceptionally quickly, providing faster access to risk assessment data while increasing efficiency.

Sonrai Security has introduced the Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP) extension for its comprehensive Sonrai cloud security platform, which already includes cloud Infrastructure Rights Management (CIEM), cloud security Status Management (CSPM) and data security features.

New capabilities allow companies to respond appropriately to threats in accordance with their immediate severity and business impact.

New features include:

  • The ability to detail specific vulnerabilities.
  • “Risk enhancers” detected by the Sonrai identification graph, which prioritize vulnerabilities with access to critical data and high privileges.
  • Ample opportunities to identify PII and other risks, including classification of system data.
  • Creating team-based remediation workflows.

AvePoint has announced improvements to its Cloud Records SaaS platform, designed to help organizations improve information lifecycle management and ensure data resilience and compliance. Cloud Records updates give organizations better control over their electronic and physical records, effectively managing content throughout the lifecycle from creation to classification, storage or disposal on one centralized SaaS platform.

Cloud Records has received the following updates:

  • More comprehensive search features: AvePoint introduced advanced search using metadata to help users find records quickly by applying logical operators and multiple criteria fields.
  • Delegated administration. To protect the integrity of critical data and sensitive information, organizations can now configure various administrator profiles to perform certain actions, controlling who has access to certain areas of the shared tenant.
  • Additional content sources. Organizations can now manage the stages of the content lifecycle in many repositories, such as Microsoft 365, including OneDrive, Teams, Groups, and SharePoint sites, as well as in Exchange file systems, the on-premises SharePoint environment, and physical records.

ExtraHop has announced the expansion of Reveal(x) 360 capabilities in order to ensure uninterrupted threat visibility for Amazon Web Services (AWS). ExtraHop Reveal(x) is a network traffic analysis solution that provides automatic search and analysis of critical threats, which allows security teams to act more confidently and quickly. The utility combines automatic asset detection and classification using cloud-based machine learning, anomaly detection and automatic grouping with an emphasis on critical assets.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 now applies advanced AI to network telemetry layers to create a “threat heat map” specifically designed to detect and prevent complex attacks such as ransomware and software supply chain attacks. Armed with enhanced threat visibility, security specialists can identify, investigate and eliminate pockets of malicious activity without requiring developers’ time or resources or slowing down business innovation.

DTEX Systems has announced new features of its DTEX InTERCEPT solution, which extend the protection provided by several Microsoft 365 E5 modules. This makes it possible to comprehensively prevent the loss of behavioral data and provides opportunities for analyzing employee activity in all applications, data and operational activities of the enterprise.

Thanks to advanced integration with Microsoft Defender modules for endpoint and cloud applications, as well as information protection and management, DTEX InTERCEPT provides cross-platform collection of user behavior telemetry, visualization and analysis of user intentions when interacting with organizational data and IP, regardless of geographical location, on or off the network, without the use of invasive methods collection of surveillance data.

DTEX InTERCEPT extends the data classification capabilities of the Microsoft Information Protection and Governance module using policy templates and multi-factor data privacy algorithms to identify precursors associated with cases of intentional data loss and to protect unregulated intellectual property, such as source code, project documentation, etc.

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