New information security solutions of the week: March 24, 2022


Ostrich Cyber-Risk has launched a comprehensive application for assessing cyber risks and reporting Birdseye.

Birdseye is a simple yet comprehensive cyber risk assessment and reporting application specifically designed to overcome these challenges by stimulating action and encouraging communication. Using a methodology developed over more than a decade by leading cybersecurity experts, Birdseye enables organizations to quickly identify their unique areas of financial and operational risk and accurately communicate this information to key stakeholders.

With Birdseye, organizations can identify a unique risk footprint based on a qualitative and in-depth analysis of their current cybersecurity status and quantify the potential impact of specific vulnerabilities through scenario-based risk tracking.

Actiphy has released a new version of the ActiveVisor v.7 centralized management console with new features and improvements supporting ActiveImage Protector 2022.

ActiveVisor provides real-time monitoring and notifications, which allows you to quickly identify and fix problems. System administrators significantly reduce the workload by monitoring and managing the backup status, as well as configuring backup settings for ActiveImage Protector clients from anywhere.

ActiveVisor v.7 offers the following new features and improvements supporting ActiveImage Protector 2022:

  • Manage client PCs and servers for backup directly to the cloud.
  • File backup management on the client PC: ActiveVisor now includes the creation of file-by-file backup tasks.
  • Managing client systems loaded from RescueBoot: ActiveVisor can remotely perform system disaster recovery using RescueBoot.
  • Linux client support.

Progress has announced the release of the latest version of its Progress WhatsUp Gold IT infrastructure monitoring software.

WhatsUp Gold 2022 is based on an interactive mapping interface and full visibility of the ecosystem thanks to integration with Flowmon, which allows you to get detailed information about network performance on a single panel. IT operators can now simplify troubleshooting with combined access to their own WhatsUp Gold infrastructure monitoring view combined with advanced network telemetry.

WhatsUp Gold 2022 optimizes the time for troubleshooting. The joint deployment of WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon also means that customers can benefit from anomaly detection capabilities and improve the overall state of cybersecurity, reducing the risk of cyber attacks and infrastructure compromise.

Contrast Security has announced that its Secure Code cybersecurity platform now integrates software supply chain security throughout the development lifecycle, from the developer’s desktop to production systems. The new integration allows enterprises to identify the biggest supply chain risks and protect themselves from them.

Contrast integrates Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with all its security testing and protection solutions, including interactive application security testing (IAST), runtime application self-protection (RASP) and security solutions for serverless applications. Integration with the Contrast solution for static application security testing (static application security testing. SAST) will appear soon.

PKI Solutions has introduced PKI Spotlight, a real-time monitoring and notification solution for all PKI environments of organizations.

PKI Spotlight empowers organizations with real-time security analytics. With the help of PKI Spotlight, PKI Solutions intends to provide corporate organizations with improved results in the areas of operational sustainability, security management, threat detection and implementation of best practices. This increases the operational sustainability of the organization by increasing uptime, availability, and the ability to restore its PKI and HSM environments. It also improves the management of an organization’s security state by maintaining the security and integrity of their PKI with visibility into configurations that may affect identification and encryption systems.

The improved security analytics provided by PKI Spotlight allows IT professionals to make faster, smarter and more effective decisions to protect their organizations’ data and ensure seamless interaction between employees and customers.

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