Microsoft and SAP refused to leave the Russian market


Microsoft and SAP will continue to cooperate with customers in Russia who have not been sanctioned. Technology companies have stated that they do not want to damage social infrastructure facilities, such as schools and hospitals.

Microsoft Corporation President Brad Smith, in a letter to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, said that he would not deprive Russian schools and hospitals of software updates, because this could threaten the health and safety of innocent civilians. At the same time, the company plans to stop supporting some services in Russia.

Smith told President Vladimir Zelensky that Microsoft “remembers the moral responsibility” to protect civilians. However, he said that the company is discussing with the US, UK and EU governments whether to “stop any ongoing services and support” in Russia and whether to move “in step with their sanctions and other economic goals.”

The manufacturer of corporate software from Germany SAP, in turn, also announced that it will continue to support key customers in the Russian Federation, including hospitals, food supply organizers and other civil infrastructure companies. IBM will also continue to work with Russian companies.

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