Medvedev: Western media have significantly reduced the audience in Russia with mediocre decisions


Western media, with their incompetent decisions, have only significantly reduced their audience in our country. And now, in order to return, they will have to prove their independence and good attitude towards Russia and its citizens in practice. However, it is not a fact that they will be able to do it, go into the same water twice“, – Medvedev wrote in his Telegram channel.

He noted that there are own social networks and messengers not only in the Anglo-Saxon world, but also in Russia and China. “Our country has all the necessary tools and experience in their development. We will continue to support them,” he said. The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation added that for millions of people around the world, social media is a convenient means of personal communication and obtaining information. However, “the leaders of individual Internet resources – for example, the great Meta universe – live in their own reality, follow only their own subjective rules.”

“The taste for imaginary unlimited power in the digital space is sweet. They built an empire and involved billions of people in it. And they manage it outside of laws and other state regulation, based on user agreements,” he wrote. – If they wanted to, they closed access to any person, community, country, and what’s more, their own president for the sake of public opinion and his political opponents. They helped the right candidate win the “democratic” elections in the United States,” Medvedev believes.

He also added that for the figures who are sitting in California and their mentors in Washington, Russia is just another experimental testing ground, “a kind of reservation in which digital images live, nothing more.” As a result of their active anti-Russian position, this training ground was filled with fakes about Russia and its actions in Ukraine: users were allowed to wish the death of the Russian military, Medvedev added. “Their subsequent vague excuses, attempts to roll back caused only bitterness and bewilderment. But not so long ago they aspired to Russia and wanted to actively “make friends,” he noted.

Medvedev also called the blocking of “Soviet Television” channels on YouTube completely paranoid. Gosteleradiofond” and “Soviet Radio. Gosteleradiofond”. “They decided to “cancel” Russia in everything, throw it out of the Network, indiscriminately cut and shred even its history and culture. Either because of banal Russophobia, or because of fear of being called to the carpet in the Senate, the FBI and other structures of the American administration,” Medvedev wrote. He said that “this illegal one-goal game is pretty boring.” “Everyone who retains critical thinking and is not drugged by Western fakes understands that this cannot continue,” he warned.

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