LC reported an increase in cyber attacks on Russian companies


The number of cyber attacks on Russian companies increased fourfold in the first months of 2022 compared to the same period last year. This was reported in Kaspersky Lab.

One of the main reasons was the suspension of the activities of several foreign suppliers of information security tools in Russia.

“Some foreign manufacturers of security programs have completely stopped the operation of their products. Many have revoked licenses and subscriptions to their solutions. Updates have completely or partially stopped working in them. Without updates, the quality of threat detection is rapidly deteriorating,” said Alexander Gostev, chief technology expert at Kaspersky Lab.

To ensure the security and sustainability of business in conditions of increased cyber risks, companies should use integrated solutions of the XDR (Extended Detection and Response) class – advanced systems for detecting and responding to complex cyber attacks.

These systems allow you to control all potential entry points of cybercriminals into the infrastructure: workplaces and servers, network, mail, Internet, including penetration using social engineering tools.

They also provide information security experts with the ability to centrally reflect complex cyber attacks, targeted and APT threats across the entire infrastructure.

Built-in technologies for monitoring, detection, investigation, proactive threat search, enrichment of cyber threat data (Threat Intelligence) and a set of response actions play an important role.