Kozlovsky's defense appealed the verdict

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/02/26/530335-php/

The lawyer of Konstantin Kozlovsky, who heads the hacker group Lurk, Fedor Akchermyshev has filed an appeal against the verdict, writes TASS.

He stressed that Kozlovsky pleaded not guilty to any of the episodes imputed to him, and the Court of Appeal will be presented with arguments confirming his innocence. In particular, the defense intends to refute information about the programs used by the group.

“The court (of first instance) refused to demand and present to the defense side the material evidence seized from the defendant, namely, computer equipment that confirms his alibi and non—involvement in the incriminated crimes,” Akchermyshev said.

Earlier, the Court found Konstantin Kozlovsky guilty under several articles of the Criminal Code of Russia, including the organization of a criminal community, especially large-scale fraud and unauthorized access to computer information. According to investigators, hackers from Lurk stole about 1.26 billion rubles from the accounts of large Russian banks. There are 22 people involved in the case, none of them has pleaded guilty.

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