Kaspersky - herds of IT specialists have left Russia

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/22/kaspersky-herds-of-it-specialists-have-left-russia/

A large number of IT specialists left Russia in late February – early March, choosing mainly the near abroad for temporary deployment. Many of them have not quit and will soon return to the country. To stop the “leak”, the state needs to conduct PR campaigns, says Natalia Kaspersky, head of the InfoWatch group.

“There is a problem of staff outflow. It was quite massive in late February – early March, when the “herds” of IT specialists, without taking apart the road, rushed somewhere,” she said.

According to the head of InfoWatch, this is due to the “subtle mental organization” of IT specialists: “They are young people, they are largely connected with the West, they worked on Western hardware, such a scrapping of the system makes them tremble, so they need to be calmed down.”

Also, the authorities will have to reconsider the financing of the industry. According to Kaspersky, many foreign companies canceled or changed contracts, began to reduce and freeze investments due to the unstable situation. “State support for this transition period is very important. Then, I think, everything will level out, but for now it is necessary,” Kaspersky stressed.

Kaspersky noted that many of those who left did not quit; she expressed confidence that the specialists “will sit, sit and come back.” To contribute to this, the state needs to take “propaganda measures, reassurance and other PR measures,” the head of InfoWatch believes.

The government urgently began to develop a project that will be able to stop the outflow of programmers abroad. The Ministry of Finance proposed to cancel taxes for the industry for 3 years, offer specialists a preferential mortgage and a deferral from the army.

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