Join Anonymous Group Guide

This section is designed to be for Anonymouse Posts which is mean we have added a configuration setting for this section to force posts to be made anonymously.

All posts —both new topics and replies—will automatically be performed as a user’s anonymous pseudonym, regardless of the global anonymous-posting setting.

Also if you would like to Join anonymouse group we will show you how to join Anonymouse Group; and you can do the same for other available group to join.

Once you try to add topic in Anonymouse Discussion you will see this note.

Post denied Group


This note means you are not allowed to post in this section until you Join the authorized group for posting.

Hence you need to go to the Group section from your profile account as below:


Join Group

Then you will see the group you want to Join which is for now Anonymouse group.

Once you click Join you will be able to post topics in Anonymous section.

Also you can leave the group when you want by press the Leave button.

Leave Group

For other Groups to Join, please read the Upgrade page.