JetBrains suspended research and sales in Russia and Belarus


Today, the company announced that it is suspending sales and research and development in Russia for an indefinite period. Sales in Belarus have also been suspended indefinitely.

The company was founded by Sergey Dmitriev, Valentin Kipyatkov and Evgeny Belyaev in Prague, Czech Republic, 22 years ago. The company has opened research and development centers in St. Petersburg. According to Maxim Shafirov, the head of JetBrains, the decision to suspend work in Russia was the hardest of all that the company has ever taken. At the same time, JetBrains cannot ignore the situation, as it goes against its values.

Also, most of the company’s employees have already left Russia. There is no question of dismissal, Maxim added.

JetBrains (formerly IntelliJ) is an international company that develops development tools in Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript and many others, as well as teamwork tools. In 2010, JetBrains developed its own programming language Kotlin, which is used to write applications for Android. Today, this language is used by Google, Square and Atlassian. The company also develops tools in Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript.

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