Is security at risk? Risk modeling in IdM/IGA systems


In the current conditions, timely control, granting and revocation of access rights to critical resources is becoming one of the most important parts in ensuring the comprehensive information security of the company.

On March 29, at 15:00 (Moscow time), Rostelecom-Solar will tell at an open webinar how to deal with security risks in matters of granting access rights to the organization’s information systems.

You will find out:

  • How has the landscape of threats to the security of an organization’s information assets changed in 2021
  • What security risks does the uncoordinated provision of access to the company’s information systems pose
  • Which components in the IdM/IGA system provide preventive detection and prevention of threats to the information security of an organization using the example of Solar inRights
  • How risk modeling works in granting, controlling and revoking employee access rights

The event will be especially useful:

  • Managers and specialists of information security and IT departments
  • Top managers
  • Anyone who is interested in the topic of access control

Participation in the webinar is free. Registration is required.

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