Indian surgeon posted a video of the operation to prove his case to Xbox fans


Internet users turned on a hospital in India after one of its surgeons posted a video of the operation on Twitter. In the description of the video, the doctor explained that the patient was anesthetized, after which he was intubated and connected to a mechanical ventilation device to perform an operation to remove the gallbladder.

However, a storm of indignation was caused not only by such a gross violation of medical ethics, but also by the fact that the surgeon, who took an active part in heated disputes between Xbox and PlayStation fans on Twitter, said in a tweet that “xbots cannot argue with facts.” Surely a patient who had a gallbladder removed at that moment would not want his surgeon to participate in online battles of gamers during the operation.

The Twitter account of the user Shreeveera has already been deleted at the moment, but screenshots of the video with the operation can be found on the Internet.

Shreeveera, who is obviously a PlayStation fan, posted his scandalous tweet in the midst of a heated debate about which game consoles are better, Sony or Microsoft. Shreeveera’s profile indicated that he was a doctor, and some participants in the controversy (Xbox fans) doubted whether this was true. As proof, the surgeon published his video of the operation. Before the video was deleted, it was possible to see a doctor in a medical mask, an operating room with a patient, and even close-ups of his medical data.

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