In Russia, it was proposed to create cyber warfare units


Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak proposed to create a cyber army in Russia and form a state defense order in the field of cybersecurity.

According to Shpak, IT specialists who could not get a reprieve from military service could thus develop their professional competencies and benefit the country.

“It would be very correct, probably – I have no right to give advice to the Ministry of Defense, but as a proposal – on the creation of cyber forces and on the creation of a state order from the point of view of defense and security to our developers in this area,” Shpak said at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy on Tuesday.

“After that, I hope they would think ten times before leaving their homeland in pursuit of a long ruble in foreign companies,” the deputy minister said.

In August last year, the President of Ukraine Zelensky, as part of the cybersecurity strategy, instructed to create a cyber army in Ukraine. The document states that Ukraine intends to form an effective cyber defense system “by forming a cyber army in the system of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.”

According to the experts of Zecurion Analytics, Russia is among the five countries with the most developed level of cyber warfare. Such troops are used to conduct military operations in cyberspace, but no state in the world has recognized its participation in cyber warfare at the moment.

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