In a few years, 99% of Internet content will be generated by AI


The Internet of the future will be written by bots, but will it get better or worse from this? Experts from the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies asked about the content generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the calculations of the Institute’s specialist Timothy Shoup, by 2025-2030 99.0-99.99% of all content on the Internet will be generated by AI, especially if models like OpenAI GPT-3 are widely used.

“The Internet will become completely unrecognizable,” said Shup’s colleague Sofie Hvitved.

It is assumed that over time, the AI’s capabilities will expand, and it will be able to create entire online worlds with everything that will fill them.

“Earlier this year, OpenAI released the DALL-E neural network using the GPT-3 version with 12 billion parameters, which processes natural speech and translates into images. Now DALL-E can create images of realistic objects, as well as objects that do not exist in reality,” Hvitved said.

There is nothing wrong with AI generating web content. Theoretically, he will be able to create virtual worlds that will be more inclusive in terms of gender, race and culture. Programs like Codex, which help developers on GitHub create up to 30% of the code by introducing an ordinary human language, can open up new opportunities for creativity for more people.

However, this will require a broad restructuring of the current reality of AI, which so far reproduces the prejudices of its creators, so as not to worry that it will begin to fill the Network with a limitless stream of misinformation.

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