In 2021, banks returned only 6.8% of the stolen funds to the victims of fraud


Russian banks were able to return 920,500,000 rubles to Russian citizens who were victims of fraud, which is 6.8% of all stolen funds. The total amount by which the scammers deceived fellow citizens reached 13.5 billion rubles.

As he writes
RBC, referring to the Bank of Russia, the level of refund falls in proportion to the increase in embezzlement.

The number and volume of fraudulent transfers last year increased by 33.8% and 38.8%, respectively, compared to the previous year. According to the regulator, this is due to the development of new remote payment services and an increase in the volume of money transfers.

The main method of embezzlement of funds from fraudsters remains social engineering — psychological impact on the victim. Fraudsters managed to steal another 4.1 billion rubles when paying for goods and services on the Internet.

In 2021, Russia proposed to introduce a mandatory refund amount in case of theft from accounts. This initiative was taken by the Central Bank.

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