How to ensure the continuity of the IT infrastructure in conditions of uncertainty


At the events, we plan to discuss ways to solve the problems that have arisen and possible in terms of IT infrastructure in order to ensure the stable functioning of the physical and cloud IT infrastructure in Russian companies for the smooth operation of the business.

In a difficult time of tough sanctions, we will organize a platform for communication among experts in the field of IT infrastructurethose who want to share their experience, listen to the opinion of colleagues, ask questions.

At the next event on March 31 , they will perform:

  • Oleg Podgorbunskikh, Steel Industry company (industry)
  • Alexey Shkirmanovsky, (online hypermarket)
  • Experts from Stack Group

It is assumed that the events of the series may differ by invited experts from different industries (fintech, industry, retail, aviation, software development, etc.).

Schedule of events

March 31 (Thursday), 12:00 (Moscow time)

April 07 (Thursday), 12:00 (Moscow time)


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