Hacktivists and extortionate groups have intervened in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/02/26/530339-php/

Several ransomware groups and members of the Anonymous hacktivist collective have decided to intervene in the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Earlier, hacktivists from Anonymous announced a cyber war against Russia and claimed responsibility for a hacker attack on the website of the Russian TV channel RT. Then the group reported a leak of login credentials to the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which, however, turned out to be fake.

However, not only Anonymous took part in the conflict. Extortionate groups Conti and CoomingProject have published reports that they support the Russian government. Conti officially declared its full support for the Russian government, writing that “if anyone decides to organize a cyberattack or any military action against Russia, the group is going to use all possible resources to strike back at critical enemy infrastructures.”

Shortly after the publication of the message, Conti members revised it, softening the tone. The updated statement says that Conti will use “all its capabilities to take retaliatory measures in case Western warmongers try to target critical infrastructure in Russia or any Russian-speaking region of the world.”

“We are not allied with any government, and we condemn the ongoing war. However, since the West is known to wage its wars primarily by attacking civilians, we will use our resources to strike back if the well-being and safety of civilians is at stake due to American cyber aggression.”, — it says in a new Conti message.

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