Hacking of the HubSpot platform affected large cryptocurrency companies

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/25/hacking-of-the-hubspot-platform-affected-large-cryptocurrency-companies/

HubSpot, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM), sales and marketing software, has been the victim of a cyberattack.

HubSpot is a widely used CRM tool. Companies from various sectors and industries use software to store sensitive data, including names, email ids and phone numbers. Using this information simplifies the organization and control of marketing campaigns.

The attackers hacked the account of one of the HubSpot employees. The compromised account was disabled, and access of other employee accounts to customer data was restricted immediately after the hack was detected. The investigation of the incident is still ongoing.

The hack affected less than thirty HubSpot portals, including NYDIG, BlockFi, Circle and Swan Bitcoin. Swan and BlockFi confirmed the hacking, but their clients’ financial data and funds were not affected. Clients’ personal information may presumably be disclosed. Both affected firms noted that hackers did not break into their networks and gained access only to data on the HubSpot portal.

According to the HubSpot team, the attackers stole only user information stored in the tool, and internal data such as passwords were safe. Many users of the affected firms have already reported phishing attacks.

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