Hackers who hacked Nvidia sell data on removing the hashrate limit in video cards

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/01/hackers-who-hacked-nvidia-sell-data-on-removing-the-hashrate-limit-in-video-cards/

Hackers who stole 1 TB of data from Nvidia are now trying to sell data, including information on removing restrictions in video cards for Ethereum mining.

The LAPSUS$ group (LAPSU$) sent offers to interested buyers on Monday, February 28, through its open chat. According to the report, hackers have a customized driver at their disposal that can easily unlock the Lite Hash Rate (LHR) hash rate limiter in RTX 3000 series video cards, PCMag writes.

Recall, as it became known the other day, the manufacturer of Nvidia graphics processors was subjected to a cyberattack, as a result of which attackers stole 1 TB of data. The company tried to attack hackers in response and encrypt the stolen data, but this measure proved ineffective. Currently, Nvidia’s commercial and business processes are unstable, and the company is still trying to establish the scale and impact of the incident.

LAPSUS$ demanded a ransom in cryptocurrency from Nvidia. Currently, the grouping offers a 19 GB archive, presumably containing the source code of Nvidia graphics card drivers. In addition, there is enough information in it that can help tech-savvy users to remove hashrate restrictions.

On Sunday, February 27, hackers demanded that the company remove the LHR limiter in all RTX 3000 video cards using a software update. In case of refusal, the group threatened to “merge” a large folder with information about Nvidia hardware. However, now she herself has announced her intention to sell a driver capable of blocking the hashrate limiter.

Perhaps the demand made on Sunday was just an attempt to attract attention. It is also possible that LAPSUS$ is lying and is desperately trying to monetize hacking by any means.

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