Hackers visualized the hacked Yandex Food database

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/23/hackers-visualized-the-hacked-yandex-food-database/

Personal data merged a few weeks ago “Yandex.Food” is designed by unknown hackers into an interactive map. Now anyone can find out personal information about the platform’s clients: name, phone number and even address.

Messages about the merged database appeared on the evening of March 22, 2022. On the map, you can see thousands of data residents from all over Russia and neighboring countries. For example, by typing in a number, you can check whether your data is contained in the leak. Currently, the site with merged user data is included in the register of violators of the rights of personal data subjects, access to it is limited.

In the merged database, you can find data of officials and famous people. There was information that some users were able to discover the glamorous adventures of their second halves in this way.

The database itself was freely available on March 1. Then the Yandex security service reported that as a result of unscrupulous actions of one of the employees, customers’ phone numbers and information about their orders were published on the Internet: composition, delivery time, and so on. The file uploaded by hackers represented two dumps with a total size of about 50 GB.

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