Hackers Stole $800,000 from owners of NFT Rare Bears

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/20/hackers-stole-800000-from-owners-of-nft-rare-bears/

The Rare Bears NFT project has been subjected to a hacker attack. The attacker posted a phishing link on the Discord channel of the project, thanks to which he managed to steal 179 non-interchangeable tokens from various collections, including Rare Bears, CloneX, Azuki, “mfer” and 6 tokens of the LAND metaverse of The Sandbox. About this reported Peckshield company.

Judging by the transactions on the attackers’ wallet, they almost immediately sold the received NFT. This allowed them to gain 286 ETH, which at the current exchange rate is more than $795,000. The funds were immediately sent to the Tornado Cash transaction mixer.

The Rare Bears team said that a hacker gained access to the Discord moderator account of the project and posted an announcement about the release of new NFTs. After clicking on the link, users lost access to the contents of their wallets. At the same time, hackers, having gained access to Discord, blocked access to it to other members of the Rare Bears team and revoked any rights to manage the server from them, so they could not report that the link was fraudulent.

Rare Bears stated that the team was able to regain control of the server by deleting the compromised account and transferring ownership to a new one, and that the server is protected from a new attack.

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