Hackers hacked the broadcast of the Ukraine 24 TV channel

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/16/hackers-hacked-the-broadcast-of-the-ukraine-24-tv-channel/

Today, around 13-31, the broadcast of the largest Ukrainian TV channel Ukraine-24 was hacked and an alleged appeal by Vladimir Zelensky appeared on the running line, who called for laying down arms.

After the incident, the President of Ukraine published an appeal in which he called the incident a childish provocation and said that he could offer to lay down arms only to the Russian military.

“The running line of the Ukraine 24 TV channel was hacked by enemy hackers and Zelensky’s message about the alleged “surrender” is being broadcast. It’s fake. Friends, we have repeatedly warned about this. No one is going to give up <…>” – the message says.

Earlier, hackers hacked the broadcasts of Russian central channels in the Wink and IVI streaming networks and posted anti-war messages.

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