Hackers attacked the National Postal Service of Greece

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/21/hackers-attacked-the-national-postal-service-of-greece/

On Monday, March 21, the National Postal Service of Greece (Hellenic Post, ELTA) announced the temporary shutdown of its commercial information systems in all post offices due to a cyber attack that occurred on the night of Sunday to Monday.

According to an official statement, ELTA “last night faced a malware cyberattack on its information systems.” Immediately, a decision was made to limit the damage and prevent the spread of the attack. All relevant authorities were also notified immediately. In addition, the postal service turned to information security companies for help.

“In order to protect and ensure security until the completion of all relevant processes, it was decided to isolate the entire data center completely. Therefore, we are announcing the temporary shutdown of commercial information systems in all post offices, and later today we will provide the public and our customers with more information,” the statement said.

In conclusion, ELTA apologized for the inconvenience caused, stressing that the actions of cybercriminals were to blame. The Post also assured that it is doing everything possible to return to normal work as soon as possible.

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