Hackers attacked the largest producer of meat products in the Rostov region

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/24/hackers-attacked-the-largest-producer-of-meat-products-in-the-rostov-region/

Hackers attacked the information systems of the company “TAVR” , which operates in the Rostov region, according to the parent organization “Agrocom Group”.

By installing malicious software, servers, workstations, and enterprise information systems were attacked. In particular, we are talking about financial and economic information.

The company’s work was temporarily paralyzed, and significant economic damage was caused. An application has been submitted to law enforcement agencies on this fact. Currently, the company’s activities are carried out in a limited mode.

In the course of operational actions to investigate the incident, protocols were revealed according to which the attack occurred, and routes of penetration from foreign countries were recorded. In the shortest possible time, the company has installed special protective equipment that registers new attempts to hack information systems. Economic losses amounted to “tens of millions of rubles”.

“It is obvious that a carefully planned large-scale sabotage has been undertaken against the company, which is one of the largest food producers in the south of Russia. Today, the company’s team is taking all necessary actions to protect production processes in order to ensure the food security of the region.” – said Alexander Remeta, Executive Director of RKZ-TAVR LLC

This week hackers have already attacked the largest producer of meat products in Russia – Miratorg company. The company was attacked by a cryptographic virus, as a result of which the company’s production processes were paralyzed.

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