Hackers actively scanned the networks of 5 US energy companies

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/23/hackers-actively-scanned-the-networks-of-5-us-energy-companies/

Cybercriminals scanned the networks of five American energy companies a few days before US President Joe Biden warned about the threat from Russian hackers.

According to the CBS News news outlet, which had an FBI warning at its disposal, the attackers carried out “preparatory measures” for cyber attacks, including scanning websites and searching for vulnerabilities in software.”

The FBI has identified 140 overlapping IP addresses associated with “abnormal scanning” of at least five American energy companies, as well as at least 18 other American companies in the defense industry, financial services and information technology.

“US energy sector enterprises are advised to examine the current network traffic for these IP addresses and conduct follow-up investigations if they are detected,” the warning says.

According to the notification, the scanning intensity increased after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, which increases the likelihood of cyber attacks in the future.

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