Google Play Store users in Russia will not be able to buy apps and games


Today Google informed Android developers that Play Store users in Russia will no longer be able to buy apps, games, IAP and subscriptions.

The company calls the “failure of the payment system” the reason for the “suspension” of billing in Google Play “in the coming days.” This is due to the fact that Russia has been sanctioned by several countries

In addition to in-app purchases, you will no longer be able to make subscription payments or in-app purchases “Qifree products using Google Play in Russiaand”.

However, free apps will still be available for download along with all previous purchases. There are no other changes in the availability of the Google Play Store in Russia, while developers can still publish and update applications.

Subscriptions will be valid until the end of the current billing period, but will be canceled later due to lack of payment. As a workaround, Google suggests postponing the renewal of subscriptions, which is possible for up to one year.

Another suggested option is to make the apps free or remove the paid subscription “during this pause». Such functionality is available for applications that provide “a critical service to users to ensure the security of access to information.”

Google also said it had recently begun blocking conflict-related ads that try to take advantage of the situation and suspended monetization of Russian state media on its platforms.

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