FSB urged to ban the work of META immediately

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/21/fsb-urged-to-ban-the-work-of-meta-immediately/

Instagram Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, an extremist organization and a ban on its activities in the country, has been considered in a Moscow court. Meta representatives asked the court to postpone consideration of the claim of the Prosecutor General’s Office to prepare a position, but the court refused.

Meta itself, in turn, asked the court to dismiss the claim. The representatives noted that they have already changed their policy and declare the inadmissibility of Russophobia and calls for violence against Russians. As part of the Meta case, the court refused to conduct a linguistic examination.

Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp use by citizens and companies cannot be recognized as extremism, the prosecutor said in court in the case of recognition of Meta (owns these social networks and messenger) as an extremist organization, the prosecutor said.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram use may be decriminalized, but the risks still remain. So, they can be held accountable for the public demonstration of symbols – “on the website, on the doors of a store and cafe, by car, in social networks, on posters, business cards” – this will be the basis for bringing to administrative responsibility up to 15 days of arrest (Article 20.3 of the Criminal Code).

The prosecutor’s office also did not demand a ban on WhatsApp’s work in Russia. The representative of the department in court also stated that Meta social networks seriously influence public opinion.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram users in a number of countries have decided to call for violence against Russian military personnel, it became known on March 11 that Meta decided to allow Facebook and Instagram users in a number of countries. The company clarified that similar messages regarding Russian civilians will be blocked.

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