Free webinar about cyberwar 2022 from the company "Ideco".


Friends, we invite you to the webinar “Cyberwar 2022. How to protect yourself from new threats and the departure of foreign vendors of NGFW/UTM solutions” from the company “Ideco”.

Date: 03/24/2022

Start: 11:15 Moscow time
Duration: 1 hour

On the air, the leaders of Ideco will analyze the issues of import substitution of NGFW solutions in conditions when Western suppliers suspend or stop working in the territory of the Russian Federation.

They will talk about the current situation on the Russian firewall market, about the advantages of switching to the Russian Ideco UTM security gateway and a special transition program.

A separate section of the webinar will be devoted to tips and analysis of protection practices against ongoing cyber attacks on the IT infrastructure of Russian companies.

Webinar program:

  • Withdrawal from the Russian market, work restrictions, risks of further use of Western solutions by Fortinet, Cisco, Kerio Control, Palo Alto, WatchCuard, pfSense, Barracuda and others;
  • Migration to the domestic security gateway Ideco UTM: opportunities and limitations, software and hardware solutions, certification;
  • How to protect the network from cyber attacks: recommendations of the NCC, reaction and requirements of the FSTEC;
  • Recommendations for improving the security of Ideco UTM settings;
  • Plans to improve the “Ideco” solution – what are we preparing;
  • Special offer for switching to Ideco UTM for webinar participants!

Our speakers will answer your questions live, and for the most interesting they will present branded merch!

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