Free online workshops for IT infrastructure specialists from the REBRAIN team


With us

  • More than 20 free open workshops every month.
  • The speakers are professional engineers from the best companies (Avito/ Skyeng / AWS/Luxoft / DataArt, etc.).
  • Analysis of real automation cases.
  • The most up-to-date technology stack is Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Gitlab CI, Linux, Kafka, MySQL, Golang, etc.
  • Working in the console and answering questions live.

We believe that specialists in IT infrastructures will always be in demand. Therefore, we invite you to join our community and strengthen your knowledge. Competent infrastructure workers will never be left without a well-paid job.

Everyone who has wanted to join us for a long time, Welcome! =) We will give you the necessary knowledge and the opportunity to practice on real tasks under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Everyone will be able to find interesting workshops for themselves in the direction and level of competence.

And yes, it’s all free!


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