Experts found a server with the contents of SMS messages from services and banks in open access


According to the telegram channel “Information Leaks”, the Elasticsearch server with the contents of SMS messages from various services and even banks has been available on the network for several days. According to the channel, the total size of the indexes is about 4.5 TB.

The server is located on the Amazon site in the USA, but the experts could not find out who it belongs to. Most likely, we are talking about some kind of service that provides SMS mailing services to various companies.

Google, Tinkoff, Aeroflot, Yula, Microsoft, etc. were found among the senders (sender field). The server is working, one of the indexes (send_record_202204) is updated – new SMS are added there.

Recipients’ phone numbers are hidden by asterisks, but the contents of messages, including one-time codes for two-factor authentication and password recovery, are stored unchanged.

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