European agencies have warned of failures in the operation of GPS systems of aircraft


The European Aviation Safety Agency (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has warned of periodic failures in the operation of global Navigation satellite systems (GNSS). Interruptions in GNSS operation can lead to a deterioration of navigation and surveillance due to jamming and/or possible spoofing near the territory of Ukraine.

Based on Eurocontrol reports and data from open sources, the number of cases of spoofing and/or jamming of satellite navigation has increased around the Kaliningrad region, Eastern Finland, the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean since the beginning of the military conflict in Ukraine.

“The effects of GNSS jamming and/or possible spoofing occurred at various stages of aircraft flight, which in some cases led to a change in route or even a change in destination due to the inability to perform a safe landing procedure,” EASA warned.

The European agency’s warning followed a report by the Finnish transport and communications agency Traficom, which reported a number of problems with GPS on the country’s eastern border with Russia. According to messages These problems are not limited to Finland, but also affect Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the wider Baltic region.

It is noteworthy that several Transaviabaltika aircraft flying to Savonlinna (Finland) were forced to return to Tallinn (Estonia) due to a malfunction of the onboard GPS navigation system.

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