Conti ransomware published data stolen from hydraulic giant Parker Hannifin


Parker Hannifin, a major American manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, has become a victim of cyber-thieves who allegedly stole gigabytes of data from him.

According to an application filed this week with the relevant authorities, the company discovered the hack on March 14, 2022, after which it turned off some of its systems and began an investigation.

Currently, the investigation is still ongoing, but the manufacturer confirmed that the attackers managed to gain access and steal some data, including personal information of employees.

“Based on the preliminary assessment and the information currently available, the incident did not have a significant financial or operational impact, and the company does not believe that the incident will have a significant impact on its operations, operations or financial results. The company’s business systems are fully operational and it supports insurance subject to certain deductibles and policy restrictions specific to its size and industry,” Parker Hannifin said in a statement.

Although the manufacturer did not provide any additional information about the incident, the cyber-extortion group Conti claimed responsibility for it. On her darknet leaks website, she published more than 5 GB of archived files allegedly containing documents stolen from Parker Hannifin. Perhaps this is only a small fraction of all the stolen files, since, according to Conti, only 3% of what she managed to steal were published.

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