Computer glitch disrupted 80% of railway traffic in Poland and other countries


Polish authorities noticed interruptions in the operation of the railway network early in the morning, citing “malfunctions in control devices” in several local railway traffic control centers.

Transportation was blocked for 820 km. Trains stopped en route or did not get on the route. The movement of trains across the country has stopped.

“Since the volume of accidents is of national importance, some trains will not go at all today,” Skubishinsky said.

Initially, it was reported that Russian hackers could be involved in the failure, but later the Polish railway company said that there had been an error in the operation of the equipment.

“Due to the occurrence of malfunctions of railway traffic control devices, a meeting of the Critical Incident Team will be held today, acting in accordance with Article 36 of the law on the national cybersecurity system,” Janusz Cieszynski, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure for Digitalization, told Polish Radio.

Polish authorities reported that the same problem disrupted train traffic in India, Thailand, Peru, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The general manager of Alstom in Poland, Slawomir Ciza, told Reuters that the failure is related to the problem “data encoding».

«Alstom is aware of a time formatting error that currently affects the availability of the railway network and, consequently, rail transport in Poland“, – said Saiza.

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