Chronicles of Cyberwar (28.03 - 03.04)


April 2: Anonymous stole more than 15 GB of data allegedly stolen from the Russian Orthodox Church.

Anonymous claims to have hacked the charity wing of the Russian Orthodox Church and leaked 15 GB of alleged stolen data.

April 01: Anonymous announced the hack the Russian investment company Marathon Group.

Anonymous claims to have hacked and published 62,000 emails from the company of the Russian investment company Marathon Group, owned by oligarch Alexander Vinokurov.

March 31: Google TAG details cyberactivity regarding the military conflict in Ukraine.

Google TAG uses disclosed phishing attacks targeting Eastern European and NATO countries, including Ukraine.

March 31: Pro-Russian hackers announced the hacking of secret correspondence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

It is noted that diplomatic letters, claims and notifications were in the archive.

March 31: Anonymous hacked russian company Thozis Corp

Anonymous has published 5,500 emails from the Russian investment company Thozis Corp., owned by Zakhar Smushkin, a Russian oligarch who is involved in a project to build a satellite city in St. Petersburg

March 30: The Russian Foreign Ministry said that cyber operations against Russia often resemble terrorism

Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the ongoing cyber aggression by the collective West.

March 29: Compromised WordPress sites launch DDoS on Ukrainian sites.

Attackers hack WordPress sites and install a script on them that is used to launch ddos attacks when visiting Ukrainian sites.

March 29: Ukrtelekom, a major Ukrainian provider of mobile communications and Internet services, prevented a “massive” cyberattack that hit its infrastructure.

In order to protect the network infrastructure and further provide services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations and customers, Ukrtelekom temporarily restricted the provision of services to most private users and business customers.

March 28: Anonymous Team hacked the Russian construction company “Rostproekt” and announced a leak that will destroy Russia .

The link to the stolen company data was published on the DDoSecrets leak site.

March 28 : Anonymous claims that in they broke the All – Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK)

The anonymous NB65 group claims to have hacked (VGTRK, and stole 740GB of data. The exfiltered data from VGTRK has already been transmitted in DDoSecrets , which will publish them in the near future.

March 28: GhostWriter APT attacks the state authorities of Ukraine using the Cobalt Strike Beacon.

The Ukrainian CERT-UA warns that the GhostWriter APT group associated with Belarus is targeting state organizations with the Cobalt Strike Beacon.