Brazilian hackers distinguished themselves again, this time hacked by Ubisoft


Last week, Ubisoft faced a “cybersecurity incident” that temporarily disrupted the operation of some games, systems and services, the company said on Thursday. Ubisoft did not say who was responsible for the hack, but on Friday evening the responsibility was assumed by the group that had previously hacked Nvidia and Samsung.

Ubisoft says that the players’ personal data is safe — so far there is no indication that anyone could have accessed it. The company states that games and services are now “they work fine». For security reasons , the company also “initiated password reset for all accounts in the company”.

On Friday, in a Telegram channel allegedly operated by LAPSUS$, the group posted a link to this article and a grinning smiley face, apparently also taking responsibility for the incident with Ubisoft. In response to a user’s message on the channel, the group confirmed that the purpose of the hack was not information about Ubisoft customers.

Ubisoft is one of the largest video game publishers in Europe. She owns the games of the series Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and others. A few days before the incident, the French developer and publisher of video games Ubisoft suspended sales of physical and digital copies of video games in Russia.

In 2020, ubisoft was already hacked by ransomware, then Egregor posted the source code of the games and threatened to publish the source code of the game that had not yet been released if they were not paid.

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