Anonymous issued an ultimatum to foreign companies remaining in Russia


Hacker group Anonymous threatens all companies who continue to cooperate with Russia, they wrote about this on their Twitter account.

Hackers are calling on companies to sever all relations with Russia within 48 hours. Otherwise, hackers will make them their next target.

The appeal was accompanied by an image with the logos of dozens of large corporations, including Burger King, Citrix, Nestle and Subway.

Of these, Nestle — a global food and beverage manufacturer – seems to have provoked the greatest fury from a group of hacktivists who dedicated a separate tweet to the corporation.

«Nestle,.. you warned and now hacked “, – the message says. It’s unclear if they really hacked Nestle, or if it’s just a threat.

It is not the first time that a Swiss multinational corporation has been criticized for refusing calls to leave a country under sanctions. In the 1980s, Nestle continued to operate in apartheid-era South Africa, despite worldwide condemnation during the racist regime.

There was some immediate reaction on Twitter to Anonymous’ latest social media outburst. Other users claim that some of the named and shamed companies have either left Russia or cannot do so because of franchise agreements that deprive them of the opportunity to close their activities there.

Earlier, Anonymous hacktivists announced on Twitter the beginning of a war with Russia over a special operation in Ukraine. The group is known for its massive DDoS attacks, declassification of government documents and hacking of politicians’ accounts.

A few days ago, Anonymous members created a tool that allows even ordinary users to contribute to the “largest” cyber operation in history.

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