Anonymous hacked the servers of "CJSC ROC"


Anonymous hacktivists claim that they have gained access to the ROC servers.

Hackers leaked 15 GB of data from the charity wing of the Russian Orthodox Church, and published about 57,500 emails via DDoSecrets

DDoSecrets noted that due to the nature of the data, it is currently only offered to journalists and researchers.

In addition, Anonymous announced the hacking of the base of the Russian Lipetsk Mechanical Plant, which produces components for anti-aircraft missile launchers, and other military equipment. 25 GB of data is uploaded to the Network.

DDoSecrets, is a non—profit leak reporting website founded in 2018. It is sometimes referred to as the successor to WikiLeaks. The site often provides information for news agencies.

Today, hackers also hacked the website of the Sukhoi company and published political slogans on it.

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