Anonymous and its associates published an open letter


Hackers and hacktivists have published a joint statement, according to which they intend to continue the cyber war against Russia and “hit it with everything possible.” The open letter with the hashtag #OpRussia was compiled by Anonymous, GhostSec, SHDWSec and Squad303 and published online.

“We have to hit them in such a way as to paralyze their entire system,” the hackers said, noting that they are now “bigger and stronger than ever.”

Anonymous members called Squad303 have created a tool that allows even ordinary Internet users who do not have special skills to contribute to “the largest and most successful cyber operation in history.” A tool called allows you to send mass text messages to Russian users.

Within 48 hours of the release of the tool, the group announced on Twitter that 2 million text messages were sent to Russians, and a week later their number increased to 7 million. While some faced a very negative backlash, others reported a constructive dialogue with the users who received the messages.

Soon, a feature was added to the tool that allows you to send emails to arbitrary addresses of Russian users via WhatsApp. On March 15, Squad303 announced that a total of 20 million text messages, emails and WhatsApp messages were sent to Russians, and promised to release a tool that allows Russian subscribers to call.

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