An emergency regime has been declared in Israel due to an unprecedented cyber attack on the country


A number of Israeli government websites were inaccessible as a result of a massive DDoS attack that blocked access to government websites.

A source in the defense department claims that this was the largest cyberattack ever committed against Israel. They believe that the attack was carried out by a statesman or a large organization, but they cannot yet determine who is behind it.

Earlier, the Mossad allegedly tried to attack the key Fordo nuclear enrichment facility in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian media reported on Monday evening.

There is no independent confirmation of this event. Tehran often claims to have crushed Mossad cells, although in fact it is simply arresting elements of the local opposition.

According to Iranian media, a statement by the intelligence unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) says that a Mossad group was arrested trying to commit sabotage in Fordo.

In addition, the reports said that the employee was given money and a laptop to sabotage the site, but he was caught and arrested by the IRGC.

Fordo is the second most important site in terms of the volume of centrifuges for uranium enrichment after the Natanz facility, in which uranium enrichment is possible up to 90% of the level.

Late on Monday, the Israeli government issued an emergency warning that a large number of government websites were affected and continue to be subjected to a massive cyber attack.

Communications Minister Joaz Hendel said officials were working hard to solve the problem.

Former senior official Rafael Franco, the founder of Code Blue, said that Black Shadow, which is allegedly linked to Iran, was behind the cyber attacks on the diamond exchange over the weekend, possibly in response to other events related to the ongoing Israeli-Iranian conflict.

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