AMD and Intel have suspended deliveries of their products to Russia

Source: AMD and Intel have suspended deliveries of their products to Russia –

It is reported that both companies have verbally announced to Russian manufacturers that they are temporarily suspending the supply of their products to Russia. Intel’s Chinese office also notified partners about the introduction of a ban on the supply of processors to Russia. The embargo on AMD and Intel chip stands was confirmed by RBC and a representative of the Association of Russian Electronics Developers and Manufacturers (ARPE).

According to one of them, these companies verbally informed Russian manufacturers that AMD and Intel products were temporarily not delivered to Russia. Chinese partners are already receiving notifications from Intel’s local office about a ban on the supply of processors to Russia, he added. The suspension of the supply of processors from AMD and Intel was also confirmed by a representative of the Association of Russian Developers and Manufacturers of Electronics (ARPE).

One RBC source notes that the restrictions seem to relate only to the corporate segment, while consumers in theory should not feel the changes.

However, everything related to the industrial segment is banned, including the import of production equipment and components, which will definitely have a negative impact on domestic production.

RBC reports that the Russian representative of Intel did not directly answer the question whether the supply of processors to the country has been stopped, but said that “the company is closely monitoring the situation and ensures compliance with sanctions and export control rules, including new sanctions imposed by OFAC [Управлением по контролю за иностранными активами], and rules issued by BIS [Бюро промышленности и безопасности при Министерстве торговли США]». AMD representatives in Russia have so far declined to comment, as has the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

According to a previously published document published by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) on February 25, the new restrictions relate to the export of high-tech products developed in the United States and using American technologies. Suppliers from the United States in contact with Russian companies will be required to obtain appropriate BIS licenses for all products controlled by the regulator, such as computers, electronics, avionics, telecommunications equipment, components for the aerospace industry, etc. Moreover, we are talking not only about products from the USA, but also devices that are manufactured using American technologies, which also potentially adds semiconductor products manufactured in Asia to the restrictive list.

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