All major US cloud providers have abandoned business in Russia


As the next week “special operations“Ukraine is coming to an end, all major US cloud service providers have abandoned doing business in Russia.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Dell, HPE, IBM Cloud, Oracle and VMware and other cloud companies have either stopped selling to new customers or suspended service to existing ones.

«In fact, Russia is becoming a commercial pariah“,” said economist Mary Loveley, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. «PTactically, no company, no multinational corporation wants to be on the wrong side of US and Western sanctions».

Here’s what the main cloud product vendors wrote:

Amazon Web Services:

«Unlike other technology providers in the US, AWS does not have data centers, infrastructure, or offices in Russia, and we adhere to a long-standing policy of not doing business with the Russian government. We have also stopped registering new AWS users in Russia and Belarus. Our largest clients using AWS in Russia are companies whose headquarters are located outside the country and which have several development teams».


«[Мы] We will suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia. In addition, we coordinate and work closely with the governments of the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom, and we are terminating many aspects of our business in Russia in accordance with government sanctions decisions.”

Google Cloud

Google Cloud has only released a general statement to the media.”We confirm that we are not currently accepting new Google Cloud customers in Russia. We will continue to closely monitor developments».

Google Cloud has not commented on whether or not it has stopped serving existing customers in Russia. The American company also disables the possibility of creating new profiles from Russia in the Adsense advertising network. At the same time, Google has also decided to temporarily stop the operation of existing profiles of residents of Russia.

HPE GreenLake

HPE, like Google Cloud, has not made an official statement about its activities in Russia. However, according to reports, HPE, which owns the GreenLake cloud service, has stopped all activities in Russia.

IBM Cloud

«The company has stopped selling technology in Russia, and also does not do business with Russian military organizations“,” IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told employees on March 3. On March 7, he repeated: “[Мы] suspended all activities in Russia».


“On behalf of 150,000 Oracle employees worldwide and in support of both the elected government of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine, Oracle Corporation has already suspended all operations in the Russian Federation.”


«VMware suspends all business operations in Russia and Belarus. We support Ukraine and pay tribute to the courage of the Ukrainian people. … The suspension of operations includes the suspension of all sales, support and professional services in both countries in accordance with VMware’s commitment to comply with sanctions and restrictions».

Other companies

According to numerous reports, Dell, SAP and Salesforce have also stopped working in Russia.

Each of these solutions will have a ripple effect.

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