Akamai's actions against Russia and Ukraine

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/07/akamais-actions-against-russia-and-ukraine/

In response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Akamai, a leading provider of services for website acceleration, provider of content delivery platforms and applications, announces the suspension of all sales in Russia and Belarus.

The company also stops cooperation with Russian and Belarusian clients with state participation and joins all sanctions against the Russian Federation.

In accordance with our mission to ensure stability on the Internet, we have made a conscious decision to maintain our online presence in Russia. The preservation of the infrastructure supports the company’s global clients, including many of the world’s largest news services, social networks and democratic state institutions, as they strive to provide important and accurate information to all corners of the globe, including Russian citizens. We have also made our cybersecurity products and services available to Ukrainian government agencies to help citizens of the country be protected and have access to the information they need to protect their country.” – it is reported in the company’s blog.

Akamai has joined several dozen IT and information technology companies that have left or suspended sales in the Russian market. The largest are Cisco, Fortinet, IBM, Forcepoint and others.

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