AI listens to Yekaterinburg schoolchildren and reports to the director


In several schools of Yekaterinburg, for the first time in Russia, a wiretap was installed that responds to “disturbing” words, reports . This measure is necessary to prevent a repeat of the mass tragedy of May 2021, when Ilnaz Galyaviev staged an armed attack on a school in Kazan.

Among the words that the neural network reacts to were such as “shoot”, “kill”, “bomb”. There are about 20-30 of them in the list. The system also reacts to loud sounds, for example, the explosion of a firecracker.

As soon as the system finds something like this, it immediately sends a minute-long video of the incident to the school administration’s email. The video captures 30 seconds before the potentially dangerous sound and 30 seconds after.

The novelty was presented at the school of the Sunny neighborhood. According to the teachers of the educational institution and the authorities of Yekaterinburg, this wiretapping is legal, since it does not monitor specific individuals, but only captures the anxious moods of students.

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