About the One-Time Work category

Search for specialists for temporary work.

In this section, you can create a topic for hiring a specialist to solve your tasks or complex jobs.

To do this, you must have a budget of at least $200. If your budget for solving your task or job is less than $200, you are not allowed to create any topics here.

In this section, you can create only two kinds of topics (tasks or jobs).

  1. The task for reversing a program (your budget (per task) > $200) .
  2. The topic for hiring a specialist to solve any complex job (your budget (per job) > $500) .


  1. All topics must be in the One-Time Work section. As shown in the picture below.
  2. All topics that you create must be in English and contain the correct tags (#task or #job)!
  3. Malware creation tasks/jobs are prohibited. All such tasks will be deleted, and the author will be banned.

The topic title should be short and straightforward.

The topic body should include the following:

  1. When creating the topic, you need to add the #task or #job tag (important!) .
  2. Exhaustive essence of the task/job (what exactly needs to be done, deadlines, etc).
  3. If this is a #job, then it will be a one-time, periodic or permanent?
  4. Your budget for this task/job (optional, but highly recommended).
  5. Contacts for communication (we recommend to specify an email or telegram).

Attention: The topics created not from a template can be removed!
Please post topics in English only. Posting topics in any other language is prohibited.