A dangerous vulnerability has been discovered in Samsung smartphones

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/04/06/a-dangerous-vulnerability-has-been-discovered-in-samsung-smartphones/

Experts from Kryptowire, a company specializing in mobile security and privacy, have discovered a serious vulnerability in some Samsung phone models. Vulnerability CVE-2022–22292, discovered in the “phone” application.

The vulnerability affects smartphones running Android 9, 10, 11 and 12. In particular, in the flagship smartphones Samsung S21 Ultra 5G and S10 Plus and budget Samsung A10e. The discovered security hole allows hackers to make phone calls, manage applications, reset device settings, and access user data.

Kryptowire discovered the vulnerability in November 2021 and notified Samsung. The company released a fix in February 2022. Kryptowire calls on all users of vulnerable smartphones to update immediately so as not to become a victim of a hacker attack.

Earlier, Kryptowire specialists demonstrated how insecure the newly purchased Android smartphones are, which the user has not even touched yet. To be more precise, the researchers found 146 vulnerabilities in mobile devices from 26 different manufacturers. Most of the manufacturers supply products to the Asian market, but among them there are also global brands such as Samsung and Asus.

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