939 SIM cards were issued to a resident of Nizhny Novgorod

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/21/939-sim-cards-were-issued-to-a-resident-of-nizhny-novgorod/

Unknown persons hacked the woman’s personal account on the portal “Public Services”. This is what allowed them to issue SIM cards for her.

– So far, no contract has been broken, all numbers are active and some of them already have a negative balance. If the problem is not resolved, then a huge number of notifications about the closure of “negative” balances will come to my name. The debt on the cards can be from 1-1.5 thousand rubles, and I have 939 of them. That is, I can get into the story that I will owe from 939 000 rubles up to 1 408 500 rubles,” Bardina said.

Also, scammers are trying to issue microloans for some numbers. So far, all organizations specializing in such work have refused criminals.

The woman turned to the mobile operator and the police to stop the scam. At the moment, Bardina has not received a response from a representative of the mobile operator and the police, where the application review period is 30 days.

Earlier it became known that hacked verified accounts on public services are being sold on shadow forums. The cost of such is low – from 40 rubles per piece.

SecurityLab.ru recommends that you always enable two-factor authentication on public services and check passwords for leaks in public services, such as haveibeenpwned.com .

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