44 vulnerabilities have been fixed in Android OS

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/04/06/44-vulnerabilities-have-been-fixed-in-android-os/

Security updates for Android OS released by Google in April 2022 include fixes for 44 vulnerabilities, including several critical ones.

The most important is to fix a vulnerability in the Framework, the exploitation of which allows you to increase privileges without any interaction with the user. Moreover, no additional execution privileges are required either.

In total, seven vulnerabilities in the Framework component were fixed in April, all of which were assessed as dangerous and led to unauthorized rights acquisition.

The updates also fix two vulnerabilities in the Media environment and three problems in the System. In addition, two Google Play system updates fix two vulnerabilities in MediaProvider and Media Codecs.

More than 30 vulnerabilities have been fixed in System, Kernel components, MediaTek components, Qualcomm and Qualcomm Closed components. Nine vulnerabilities affecting Qualcomm components are rated as “critical”, and the remaining 21 are rated as “dangerous”.

Google has also released fixes for five vulnerabilities in Pixel devices.

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