10 superpowers of artificial intelligence that threaten the destruction of humanity

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/28/10-superpowers-of-artificial-intelligence-that-threaten-the-destruction-of-humanity/

In the real world, artificial intelligence is developing in different directions at an amazing speed, but AI superpowers can be fatal for humans. The dangers of artificial intelligence should be discussed in many areas, and its consequences should be foreseen and controlled in the future. This article lists the main AI capabilities that can lead to the destruction of people in the future.

Loss of jobs as a result of automation

Workplace automation is usually regarded as one of the most pressing problems associated with the rapid development of artificial intelligence. Moreover, we are no longer talking about replacing some jobs with artificial intelligence. The main question is to what extent AI will cause the loss of jobs for people.

The process of workplace automation will lead to a high level of unemployment among specialists who do not have high technical skills. Artificial intelligence technologies allow robots to become smarter and replace humans in some areas.

Invasion of privacy

Now, after integrating artificial intelligence into the most important technological algorithms, it has become quite easy to track and analyze every human step both online and offline. Cameras are at every turn, and with the help of advanced facial recognition software, tracking devices accurately determine the location of a person.

Autonomous weapons

Autonomous weapons or “killer robots” are military robots that can independently find a target and act in accordance with pre-programmed instructions. Almost all technologically advanced countries of the world are developing autonomous combat robots ready to replace soldiers. At the same time, the possession of such weapons is fraught with many dangers. What should I do if the robots get out of control? Who will be responsible for crimes in case of loss of life?


Sometimes attackers use deepfake technology, trying to inspire a person with misunderstanding, fear or disgust. Deepfakes can be used to spread misinformation, create false opinions about people, and also contain information discrediting honor and dignity, which can cause physical and mental harm to a person.


On the one hand, artificial intelligence makes a huge contribution to ensuring the national security of the country, on the other hand, it helps to effectively commit terrorist attacks. Terrorist organizations use drones to carry out attacks and monitor the actions of soldiers abroad. An army consisting of thousands of drones programmed to kill is capable of causing serious damage to the enemy.

Increasing socio-economic inequality due to AI bias

Another cause for concern is the growing socio-economic inequality caused by the loss of jobs due to the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies. Currently, AI is only capable of performing predictable and repetitive types of work. However, in the future, the list of possible AI applications can be expanded. In such a situation, employees working in low positions are more likely to be fired than top managers.

Manipulation in social networks

Manipulations in social networks make it possible to carry out target marketing quite effectively, and it is quite easy to get under the influence of algorithms that work autonomously. By spreading propaganda among certain groups of the population using algorithms and personal data, AI can purposefully send out any information without human participation or filtering.

Superhuman AI

With the growing development of autonomous military weapons, it is likely in a few years that an aggressive autonomous robot programmed to kill will appear. However, if the killer robot does not recognize people effectively enough or hackers gain control over it, a catastrophe cannot be avoided.

AI Bias

People’s biased attitude towards religion, gender and nationality can be integrated into artificial intelligence systems. The only way to solve the problem is to manually delete unnecessary data by AI developers.

Stock market destabilization

According to a number of experts, the emergence of algorithmic trading can lead to a major financial collapse and destabilization of the market. With algorithmic trading with a high frequency, transactions of significant value occur, which can eventually lead to extreme market volatility.This type of trading does not take into account human logic and emotions and still plays a fairly important role in financial markets.

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